BlankBrowser.com is a simple solution to preset, slow, cluttered, or ugly homepages that everyone has dealt with. Enjoy the speed and beauty of your favorite color or a simple quote every time you open a new browser window or tab.



Select a color using the dropdown box in the center of the footer. A complimentary color will automatically be chosen for any of the optional content (see below).

To retain your new settings use the auto-generated URL at the bottom of the page. You may set this link as your homepage. Note: Once a custom color has been specified, the footer will fade completely away.



You can display a quote by appending &q to the base, colored URL used above. Unless specified, the source will be selected at random. To choose a source, select from the list below and append your your URL.

For example, this URL would render a white background with a quote from CodeHappy:

Geek: esr humorix_misc humorix_stories joel_on_software macintosh math mav_flame osp_rules paul_graham prog_style subversion

General: 1811_dictionary_of_the_vulgar_tongue codehappy fortune liberty literature misc murphy oneliners riddles rkba shlomif shlomif_fav stephen_wright

Pop: calvin forrestgump friends futurama holygrail powerpuff simon_garfunkel simpsons_cbg simpsons_chalkboard simpsons_homer simpsons_ralph south_park starwars xfiles

Religious: bible contentions osho

Sci-Fi: cryptonomicon discworld dune hitchhiker


You can display the weather by appending &w to the base, colored URL. You must then specify your zipcode, prepended by an & symbol.

For example, this URL would render a black background with the weather for Dallas, TX:


You can display a clock by appending &c to the base, colored URL. Here is a sample URL with a clock on a white background


How do I change my homepage/new tab in Chrome??
I recommend adding the "Any New Tab" extension. It allows you to customize your new tab while also giving the Address Bar focus when loading a new tab.

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